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Our showroom houses the largest collection of Spitfire Doors in the UK.


Pivot doors are fabulous. If you have an entrance which can accommodate an oversized front door, Pivot Doors are the ideal choice. 

Spitfire Pivot doors can be made up to two metres wide and up to three metres high, with one single door. Our Pivot doors are made from aluminium, which is strong and stable, making it the perfect material for wider, taller doors. 

Whilst Pivot Doors are solid, secure and often very large, an offset pivot mechanism takes the weight of the Pivot door and the in-built door closer ensures the doors close softly.

Every Pivot door is fitted with high security multi-point locks, ensuring they meet RC3 levels of security. Any designs which incorporate glass are triple glazed with laminated safety glass.

We have 30 customisable designs for you to choose from, all made to bespoke dimensions, or if you have a unique design in mind, we can help you create a fully bespoke Pivot door design.

Pivot Door colours and finishes

You can choose from a wide range of powder coated aluminium colours and finishes, or if you would prefer a designer finish, our S-700 Pivot Doors can be clad externally in a choice of stone, tiles or wood. 

We have two impressive Pivot doors on display at our showroom in Woking and we have chosen to demonstrate the dark concrete finish and black glass finish externally. On the inside of the doors, we have both an Ice Touch finish and a Corten finish.

As standard, all Spitfire Pivot doors will feature a sleek silver anodised recessed handle which runs the full length of the door, with the option of including LED lighting within the recess. You can also choose to have decorative LED lights within your door sash which are visible only when the Pivot door is open.

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Seen to be believed.

The Rolls Royce of entrace doors. S-700 has unrivalled quality.


Features of Spitfire Pivot Doors

  • Choose from 30 customisable designs or design your own bespoke door
  • Automatic Slam Shut GU Locking System
  • Every door is supplied with a Safety cylinder and 5 door keys 
  • Recessed door closer to ensure the door closes softly
  • A drop down weatherseal in the threshold 
  • Achieves a low U-Value of 0.9 Wm²K
  • Silver anodised external recessed handle which runs the full length of the Pivot Door
  • An attractive Silver plate handle inside
  • Doors range from 1400mm to 2000mm wide and from 2000mm to 3000mm high
  • The door sash is a substantial 113mm thick, resulting in a sturdy and secure front door

Optional extras

  • LED lights in the recessed handle or in the side of the door sash 
  • A silver biometric fingerprint scanner within the door sash 
  • Choose a round or square blade external brushed silver or black pullbar handle at 1800mm long. 
  • A wide range of colours with a different colour inside and outside 
  • Include glazed side lights or top lights to allow natural daylight into your hallway




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